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Morris East



Morris East
Bedford, Nova Scotia

This second location of Morris East Restaurant gave Owner, Jennie Dobbs, a chance to do some things differently. An open kitchen allows patrons to interact with her chefs while additional equipment supports a more diverse menu.

The restaurant seats 100 and Jennie also added a dedicated take-out space which many Bedford West families appreciate, relying on the online ordering service for an office lunch or weeknight dinner.

Another significant difference between the two locations was the construction approach. “The first time I project-managed the entire process,” she explains. “I was on a tight budget and did it all myself. But this time Lindsay led the project and took the anxiety right out of it. Their team was amazing and were very proactive, while also being really professional. Lindsay was fantastic.”

The space features vinyl plank floors, blonde wood walls and table tops, a cozy lounge area with a wine display wall, exposed ductwork, pot lighting, and Morris East’s signature red in the wall tile and chairs. The design-forward eastery is a welcome splash of urban chic for eager suburban foodies.