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Construction Management

Critical to the success of any project is an experienced management team of professionals who not only understand the construction industry but are sensitive to its technological advances, regulatory environment, and financial pressures.

Drawing upon the services of an extensive network of in-house and field staff, suppliers, trade contractors, and consultants we will oversee management of your building project utilizing standard contractual arrangements – i.e. CCDC 5-A or 5-B by the Canadian Construction Documents Committee.

At Lindsay our Construction Management Team offers the proper expertise to a wide range of large, small, and complex projects. We draw upon the services of an extensive network of our own forces, suppliers, trade contractors, and consultants to ensure you get exactly what you need.

Lindsay Construction Managers act on the client’s behalf for a set fee, on projects of all sizes and levels of complexity.  

Services may include contract and financial administration, budget and schedule control, safety, regulatory management, and on-site supervision.

All members of the Lindsay Construction Management Team are industry leaders in their own right, providing winning strategies and a wealth of experience.

The strengths of our Construction Management Team will put your project on the fast track to success.